I'm not one to go on political rants... many other subjects are much more fun to rant about, and politics in this country is lately a big waste of time. The Democrins and the Republicrats are pretty much indistinguishable, and where they differ, it's to such extremes as to not be practical for changing anything anyway. I took a couple of the on-line presidental candidate selector things. Oddly both of them said that Kerry was the best match for me. Not withstanding the recent allegations of being in bed with the insurance industry (an personally aggrivating subject at present) I found is stand interesting. There probably isn't a political canidate I would agree with who has a chance. As the old saying goes, anyone one smart enough to do the job right is also smart enough not to want the job. So there's that. My views are simple in a very complex sort of way.
I think the "Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces" should have served in the active military, preferably been in combat. Actually I'd rather that they could say they never had a chance to have served in combat, because there's been none in so long... but since that's still at least another generation away, that's out.
I would prefer they be someone who's run a business... preferably one they started, financial management is something I think you can only learn the hard way.
I think the president should also be technologically aware and use the internet in a sensible way. It's a great way to tell the people what you're doing... what if the President had a blog? It's also a way to find out what the people are thinking.
There are other standards, but even finding someone who fits these three would be a start.
Today I found out though that you can win the presidential election with 11 states. Just 11. California, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. That's it. It's a screwed up system we've got... yet it's still the best there is right now.
Oh well. I'll vote, my candidate will probably lose. (Nader 2000!) and it'll keep going somewhere... if it gets too fucked up it'll change... neat how that's set up.
End of rant.

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