A Good Man

FromMindful Musings: A Good Man

He was a true man of the people, had very strong leadership qualities and served this country as a capable and insightful leader during the Cold War. He worked very hard to empower the Republican Party and was a dear minion of conservative thought. In addition, he was a loving husband and was very successful in his relationship with Nancy Davis Reagan.

Regardless of your politics, it seems to me that Reagan was, what a President should be. He listened to the people, he worked hard to reach his goals, and he wasn't afraid to make a decision based on what he believed to be right. He remembered that a President is supposed to not only be "The Leader of the Free World" but that the President is also a figurehead, that he represents The American People to the world. There is a reason that in the US we refer to the president with the honorarium of "Mister." The president is one of us. Americans are loud, opinionated, stubborn, hard-working, dedicated, and entertaining. Ronald Reagan was all of these and more and when he left office, he (like Carter) had the grace to return to being just another American citizen, who dedicated himself to what he believed in, and let someone else do the job of being President. I am proud to call him "Mister Reagan."

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