So I watched part of the Grammys last night. I came in during the Earth Wind and Fire part of the grand Funk Spectacular. That was pretty sweet... Earth Wind and Fire rocks, I'm really starting to dig Robert Randolph and the Family Band, and George Clinton is an icon of funk. Amazing that him and Bill are from the same family...
(awkward silence)
Anyway... I find Outcast entertaining, although "Hey Ya" is getting very, very old. And during their bit with EW&F, I was impressed that the dancers they had on stage were not only fully clothed, but were male, and not small. While I enjoy seeing women dance, especially when they are attractive women with a minimum of clothing, it's nice to see that someone out there remembers that those sorts of dancers do not make music and aren't a vital part of the performance. But then... what was with the whole, bad western imitation of Native Americans. Not exactly offensive, but definately in poorer taste ant Janet Jackson's boob. I mean really.
Oh and the anti-music-piracy commercial was DUMB, much like the Phillip-Morris sponsored "anti-smoking" ads, it made me want to go download some music. But hey... without the RIAA, there'd be no music, just like there was no music before the RIAA. Because people downloading music (who I've heard are also people who buy more music) do more to hurt the artists than exploitive contracts that keep the ownership of the music with the lables instead of the artists and make it so an artist can sell 10,000 copys of an album and end up owing the label money. Of course they'll never be able to pay back the lable, because they can't release anything on their own, and the lable won't promote any new albums for them. Yeah... the downloaders are the problem.
Oh well.

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