Freakin Frenchies

Okay. I've been reading about the whole head-scarf deal in France. Apparently the French government sees the wearing of head-scarves by Muslim women as a threat to their National Identity. Obeying the tenents of your faith is apparently an un-French thing to do. You can't be French and Faithful it seems. At least they're equal opportunity idiots. Yarmulkes and "oversized" crosses are also to be banned. Crosses are no big deal to me, because, as far as I know, there is now sect of Christianity that requires the wearing of crosses as a fundamental way of practicing your faith. But for a Muslim woman or a Jewish man to appear in public with thier head uncoverd is an offense to them on par with telling a Catholic that they can never take communion. Try passing that law in France and you'd have riots in the streets. The French government seems to be so concerned with keeping their country "pure" that they seem to forget what happened the last time someone tried to make France "pure." Looks like they're going after some of the same people too. Heil Chirac!

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