Happy Birthday Beautiful

So... not a lot going on in my world. The Best Wife In The Whole World�'s birthday is tomorrow. Send her a happy birthday e-mail. I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Library books, Linux documentation and my brother has some great stuff too. You should read more. Not feeling totally on top of the world today, so it's almost 6 and I'm still wearing pajamas. Which, may explain why this is a particularly rambling rant.
I haven't been doing the Music, Links, Quotes and What I'm Reading things in a while. Did you like them? Do you want them back? Let me know.
Those of you that know me, know I had a hard drive crash a few months back. Since then I've been running the HDD from my old machine (an Acer) with Win98. It gets the job done and it's got all my crap, so it's kind of like a old beater car. You know it, it feels comfortable, but the damn thing breaks down all the time. So, I've decided that when the new HDD comes, I'm going to put Linux on that and see what happens. Hopefully, I'll soon be completely Windows Free (except maybe when I'm playing Civ, but I hear there's even ways around that.) I've been playing with a version called Knoppix that's pretty cool. You burn it to a bootable CD and it runs completely from that. No installing, no risks of messing up your Windows crap. Put it in, boot it up, run it. Pretty sweet. I'm liking what I've been able to do so far. The biggest aggrivation is that it doesn't remember settings (since it can't write to the CD) but that's a problem I'll be able to solve if I actually install it. Ah well... I'll keep you all posted on that project.

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