Life as it is

It's interesting how life is... my schedule at work has become more like that of a "real" job. This has actually led to me having much less time at the computer to do thing like post, and build sites. Not that this is a bad thing. I actually get to spend a lot more time with TBWITWW. Which is, of course, much better than hanging out at the computer. There's also the fact that I'm pretty content with what I've got going at the moment as far as the design, so there's less I actually want to do with the site as a whole (although I am open to suggestions.) I'm not a writer, by any means, which, when combined with the fact that there's not much changing in my life right now (other than [the baby], which has it's own page, and I'm not able to do much about right now) there's not a lot to talk about. Maybe I'll go hunt own some more memes or something to put in this space. If you actally read this stuff with any sort of regularity, and you want me to post more, leave comments send other people to leave comments. I'm really an argumentative sort and it's kind of tough to argue and debate with yourself. Also, go check out [my brother]'s site. He's a writer. Tell him he needs to write more. Seriously.

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