Busy Busy Busy

Nifty... it's been exactly a month since I posted. Fun. Anyway... Since then I've done a (1)show, thrown a (2)party, taken a trip to (3)St. Louis, and begun the great (4)Linux project. Busy month no... plus it's spring break time at work so that means that I'm spending more time there as well. So... about my life:
(1)The show was with Culture Shock Dance Troupe. They're a hip-hop group. Lots of fun to work with and to light. Could've been more organized, but most of all it was nice to get behind a board again doing something fun. Maybe I'll get some more chances to design in the near future. We'll see.
(2)The 2nd Annual Evans St. Patrick's Day Party was another rousing success. A bit more laid back than last year, but fun. Todd sang very few 80's songs. The quote of the party: "Did you comfort him and say 'Shut the Hell up'?"
(3)Went to St. Louis to visit the family of The Best Wife In The Whole World© including The Smartest Baby In The Whole World©, my nephew Kaleb. Nothing special... just hung out and relaxed and had a good time. Of course we came home to find the car had been towed. That sucked monkey balls, but oh well. No damage and we got it back.
(4)And on to Linux. I'm using it now. Slowly but surely figuring stuff out. There are still things I have to switch back to Windows for, but I'm hoping to slowly break that habit. If only I could get my 2nd monitor and sound card working. Oh well. We'll see what happens over the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted.
So that's my life right now. Nothing exciting, but nothing bad either. if you know anyone who needs a pilot with a great personality, good looks and questionable dance skills, Let me know.

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