The Last Nazi

The Last Nazi by Stanley Pottinger is a detective story/thriller. I don't usually read detective type stories, and this book reminded me why. They just don't hold my interest that well. Not to say the book was poorly written or anything like that, I just don't identify with the characters enough to really get into them, but on the other hand, the characters aren't far enough removed from my experience for me to believe their unbelievability. In this book the main character is an FBI detective hunting down a Nazi criminal in the United States. She, predictably, is Jewish. As a sub-plot, she is desperately trying to get pregnant, and is undergoing medical treatment to help with that. There were some surprising twists along the way, but in the end I felt a little dissapointed with the way the ending came together suddenly, almost as if the author suddenly realized that the book had to end in the next 20 pages no matter what.
6 of 10

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