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Today's Music: Jack Johnson
Current Book: Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy
Today's Quote: "Art is man's noblest attempt to preserve Imagination from Time, to make unbreakable toys of the mind, mud pies which endure" Cyril Connolly

Yesterday, on the train to work, I noticed a bit of grafitti, It was written in Ball point pen on the plastic seats, so it was a bit smudged, but it was fairly standard graphitti, it said "**** & **** 4Ever" but with one difference... after "4ever" it also said "hopefully." I don't know if this is kind of funny, or kind of sad. It's funny from the standpoint of the realisim of it and the fact that between using a pen that would wash off, and the "hopefully" the person is clearly acknowledging the fact that at the stage of life when you write "4ever" relationships are not generally permanent. But it's also sad, because there's clearly a loss of the faith and hope of youth. I can only wish whoever wrote that the best of luck. You never know. I met my wife when I was 14. And now she's the Best Wife in the Whole World©. So... I guess there's always a chance. I mean, how do you you know when you've met The One It took me 8 years to figure it out. I'm glad I did.

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