Assured Response

Assured Response by Joe Webber is a fairly traditional techno-thriller. Not great, but something to kill some time on the train. In Assured Response, the heros are daring and lucky, while the bad guys are immoral, vicious, and nearly indestructable... but not quite. This book has all the things that go into the typical techno-thriller, but stepped up a notch. The terrorists manage to kill everyone on a cruise ship and send it barreling at NYC, nuke the Hoover Dam, and shoot down the space shuttle, among other things. They stay one step ahead of the Military, FBI, CIA, Coast Guard, etc. etc. but they can't escape Our Heroes. Yeah.
I found this book to be a little too formulaic for my tastes. Does this mean I won't read the next book that I come across from Joe Weber? Probably not. But I can safely say I won't be reading this one again.
5 of 10.

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