Who's Biased?

From WWDN:

Last night on 60 Minutes, former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill described George W. Bush as "a blind man in a roomful of deaf people" during Cabinet meetings, and revealed that within days of his inauguration, Mr. Bush planned to use U.S. troops to invade Iraq.

Now I like Wil Wheaton's page a lot. However, some of his political views I don't agree with. Which is all well and good. I'd rather talk to someone I disagree with who's well informed and holds thier views for good reason, than someone I agree with who is just following along. However good information is a part of that. Last I checked, an angry, ex-employee is generally not considered to be the most reliable source of information about their former superiors. All the more so when that ex-employee is promoting a book they just released about how bad their ex-employer is. While ever word out of Paul O"Neill's mouth may have been true, untill it is backed up by someone, it's not what I would consider an unquestionable source of information.
As far as plans for invading Iraq... I would hope that they have been planning it for years. Part of the military's duty is to be ready for any situation that may arise in which military action is required. I hope that "The Bush Administration" has plans for invading Iran, China, Canada and the Bahamas (actually, can I get in on that last one. I'm pretty sure I could maintain a sastifactory occupation with only a high-limit credit card, and some sun-block... maybe a margarita.) Maybe we shouldn't have carried out those plans, but the plans definately should have been made.
Ultimately, we are responsible for the actions of our government. It's the way the system works. People have complained that an election with less than 50% turnout was "stolen." If you don't vote, you have no right to complain about your government. If you don't pay attention to what your congressional representatives are doing, and make your opinion known to them, you have no right to complain, because you are not doing your job as a citizen. And remember elections don't come every 4 years. They happen twice a year, or more.

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