The first week

I finished the first week of my January Accountability Project. I think I've made good progress, but not quite as much as I had hoped. I also think I get more out of the 15 minute sessions than the long session. My attention span is short, so I can work for a solid 15 minutes with the goal firm in my mind, and get quite a bit done. Today I sorted through my tool shelf and also sorted the screws, nails and other hardware. It took much longer than it should have, and there is still some sorting of that stuff to do. The nice thing is that I feel that I've really made noticeable progress in this room, and I feel good about what I've done so far.

This system seems like it's going to work well for me. TBWITWW and I have also been a lot more motivated in keeping the regular housework done. We're both happier, and more relaxed. We've got a lot left to do, but we're making progress. Now that we've got the ball rolling, we'll have to work on keeping it going.

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