The first 15

Tool ShelfI probably won't post an entry for each day's 15 minutes of work, but I figured I'd at least post for this first one. I started by getting all of the books onto the bookselves. There's a little rearranging that needs to happen because I have more books than shelve space at the moment. I'm also not happy with the arrangement of my non-fiction. (Fiction is easy, alpha by author, then in series order or alpha by title) Non fiction is harder, because of the difficulty of classification. (Does the Backstage Handbook go under Reference or Theater? How about Pocket Ref?) I also took everything that wasn't books off of the book shelves. Then I started on the tool shelves. There is a lot of sorting, paring down, and such to happen on the tool shelves. I've got 3 tool bags, 4 tool boxes, and several boxes of unsorted "stuff" that need to be organized. Those will be my primary goal for this week.

Also, 15 minutes isn't a lot of time. One of the challenges I'm seeing is that, since the office is so small, there is not room to do a lot of sorting in here. However, I don't want to leave a mess in the front room after I'm done working for the day. We'll see how that goes.

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