February Recap

First off, I've made an executive desision. Since Feb is a short month, I'm extending my deadline till Friday. Surprisingly, what I still have to do on my major project is relatively minor. While there's a difference between what I've got done and what I'd like to have done eventually, I think I satisfied the goal. The recipes are all in sheet protectors, in binders and sorted. (That's three 3" Binders FULL). Also all of the CD's except the holiday music are entered in the database and stored. We need another binder since we've got about 150 disks that are still in Jewel Cases. But they're in the racks in the office. Eventually we want to create an index of the recipies with cross references and everything, but that's a whole project in itself. We also got a 1/2" binder to keep the recipes that we're planning on cooking into for the week. I still have some data retreival to do for the CD's and then there's a lot of data entry for the stuff I'm not able to grab automagically. So there's that.

I've been posting a bit more (not as much as last month, but since last month's goal included a lot of updates, it inflated the count.) I've been trying to link to some outside stuff as well. My trafic numbers haven't changed much, but I think I'm building a base. We'll see what grows.

I'll post March's Goals soon.

I'm crediting myself with this month's goals, so I'll be making a donation to my mother's “Team in Training” fundraising efforts.

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