The Big Idea

I've got an idea for the new year. It's going to be ambitious, and I'm going to need your help. There are things I need to get better at in my life, and like any habit, good or bad, it takes time to make them, and time to break them. I'm going to set a challenge for myself each month. Post it here on the first, and then post my progress throughout the month. On the last day of the month, I'll do a summary. Did I reach my goal and will I stick with it in the future? I'll be asking for encouragement, and if you're willing and interested, perhaps you can participate along with me.

These are a few of my initial ideas:
Finance: Record all of my discretionary spending for the month. (Snacks, movies, dining out, etc.) Goal: reduce spending to a fixed amount per week.
Health: Record everything I eat for the month. Goal: Reduce (or eliminate) snacking.
Health: Record my exercize for a month (perhaps get a pedometer). Goal: Consistantly get a minimum 20 minutes of exercize 5 days a week.
Organization: Organize and pare down my collections (CDs, Photos, Files) Goal: reduce space needed.

I'm open to suggestions for what to work on (they don't all have to be big, important plans).

The final aspect of accountability for this is that each month, I will set aside a sum of money (probably $10-20) which, at the end of the month will go to a charity chosen by you, if I don't reach my goal, or one chosen by me if I do.

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