Accountability Project

I'm going to set two goals each month, an larger goal that requires fixed blocks of time to complete, and a smaller goal that reqires some sort of simple tracking.
For the larger goal, I will set aside 15 minutes, 5 days a week to work. For that 15 minutes, I'll set a timer. When the timer goes off, I'm done for the day. This will prevent both burn-out, and getting involved in the project to the exclusion of my "regular" chores. One day each week, I'll set aside 2-3 hours to work on the project. This will give me time to finish larger aspects of the project. I'll take one day off per week completely. Agian, this is to prevent burn-out.
To meet the smaller goal, I'll keep a small notebook with me to record my progress, I'll post that information here as I go.

I need your help with this project. Please help me remain accountable. If I haven't posted in a few days, bug me about it. If you have suggestions for improvements, projects, etc, let me know. If you're participating too, let me know that as well.

I'll put up details for January's project. I'll set it to post at Midnight. Happy New Year.

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