Habits Die Hard

And, sometimes, they come back a zombies, and you have to hit them in the head with a shovel several times before they'll stay down. What can I say, I've been a slacker this month. I've done very little of what my goals are, and I've found other bad habits creeping back. Here are the problems as I see them right now.

  1. I did not set solid, measurable goals.
  2. I did not set goals that I can share with, and get help with from, TBWITWW
  3. I have allowed myself to be comfortable with things as-they-are rather than as-I-want-them-to-be
  4. The weather has been sucktastic

1) Because the goals are not specific and measurable, I have no good way to track them. Which makes it easy to take a "close-enough" attitude towards the goals I have. For the remainder of the month, I am going to ride the stationary bike a minimum of 20 minutes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

2) This is directly related to #1 as it's hard to encourage me to meet my goals when they're not specific. My secondary goal was general house keeping. Could that goal be less specific? For the rest of the month, I'll focus on the following: When going to bed, nothing on the Dining Room table, coffee table, office chair, or couch that doesn't belong there. Bed made each morning, Dishwasher run each night. Also, on Monday, Wednesday and Sundays, I'll spend 20 minutes working on the middle bedroom's mess. We got new shelves so, by the end of the month, this room should be useable again.

3) This one is mostly financial. We got to the point where we got our savings built up a bit, and after the bills are paid, there's money left. We've taken to spending that money again. We've been eating out, not doing grocery shopping, and generally not being careful. I've also been much less consistant with entering data into Money. That needs to stop. That's how I've managed to ruin my financial health more than once. Reciepts need to be entered daily. When I look at the budget, I'd like to tighten a few things (we downgraded our cable plan this week) I'm seriously considering downgrading our Netflix plan as well. (or replacing it with Amazon UnBox on the Tivo). I'll probably also increase our automatic deductions that I have setup right now. I'm considering adding a bit in the sidebar to track the savings account so I have a reminder every time I log in.

4) Well, there's nothing I can do about the weather, but I need to stop letting the crappy weather put me in a crappy (and lazy) mood. Too often I'm tired and lethargic when I get home, so I sit down at the computer and putz around rather than spending the half hour to get some things done. I need to stop that as well.

All together, I actually am fairly proud of how far I've come. I've still got a long way to go, but I'm getting there. I just signed up for twitter, and I think I'm going to use that as a way of providing other people with an insight for what I'm doing. I'll post my exercizing and cleaning time so you can see if I'm actually doing it. I'll get that up in the sidebar as well soon.

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