So I feel like I've been a bit of a stalker of Chris J Davis lately. What can I say, the guy is cool. Oh well. I've installed his "Lifestream" plugin and have made some adjustments. Although it's not really supported any more I'm liking it. I added Library thing to it so it'll track when I add books. I'm thinking about throwing in Netflix as well, but I'll probably wait a bit until I can use the Habari version. I'm going to make an attempt to convert this blog sometime soon. If I do it right you should notice very little difference when it happens. (In reality, I'll probably screw it up royally and have to reinstall things 2 or three times, 'cause that's just how I roll.) I actually like this theme enough that I'm going to stick with it. So it'll be a fun conversion process. I'll keep everyone posted.

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