January Thus Far

So, my brother thinks I've done nothing, my Mother-In-Law thinks I'm completely done. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. After a very good first week, I've been a bit slow since then. The second week, TBWITWW and I kind of rested on our laurels, so to speak. We'd done such a good job of sticking with our goals, we let them slide. We regreted it at once, of course. But like all habits, they take time to develop and break. We're still working on it. The important stuff is still happening. Dishes, making the bed (most days) and such we're doing with good regularity, as well as keeping things tidy. However the "Big Goals" we're still needing to motivate ourselves to accomplish. I'm still learning what does, and doesn't work for me... and for us. One of the things I've noticed is that my 15 minutes a day portion is sometimes inconvienient for "us-time". So it goes by the wayside more often than I'd like. It's more a matter of scheduling it into other parts of my day than anything. So, it's a learning experience.

As far as the minor goal is concerned, I think we're doing really well. As expected, by watching discretionary spending carefully, we're actually doing very little of it. Here's a question though. It's just after Christmas, and we've got several gift cards that we've been using for things that would definitely fall under the discretionary spending category. Should I be posting those?

Finally, my brother mentioned the chart in the sidebar from Joe's Goals. He noticed that it's flatlined for a few days. I'm blaming that on my being ill and not updating it. For reference though, the items on that chart are not just my Major and Minor goals for the month. I like the chart, but since I'm not publishing details, I don't know if it's worth keeping displayed. Opinions?

Finally (some more), I've gotten no votes for the alternate charity. Send 'em.

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