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So I found an interesting article today:
Charity Puts Price on Drunk Drivers' Heads

LONDON (Reuters) - A British anti-crime charity said Sunday it
would pay rewards to people who informed police about persistent
drunken drivers over the Christmas holidays.
Crimestoppers Trust said the public can call it toll-free to give
anonymous tips about persistent drunken drivers, which would then
be passed on to traffic police.
The reward of 500 pounds ($800) would be paid only if police then
arrested the persistent offender and won a conviction, the charity said.
Spokesman Roy Clark told ITN television the reward was designed to
target "persistent drunks out there that are a menace to themselves danger of killing others.
"We hope that people do everything they can to prevent drunks
driving...take their keys from them, put them in a cab."

I, personally, think this is brilliant. I'd turn in a drunk driver for free, but not everyone knows someone who's been involved in a fatal accident due to alcohol. So some people need a little more motivation, and money happens to be a great motivator for a lot of people. The only think I can think of that would make this better would be if the drunk driver had to pay the person (not directly of course.) Make a $1000 donation to the fund that pays these rewards a mandatory part of the sentance for any DUI conviction, and your car is collateral. Hell... impounding the car of any DUI should be mandatory too. Additionally, I think people convicted of crimes that do not get them sentanced to jail time should pay all of the costs associated with thier conviction... the arresting officer's salary for the time between making the stop till they are back on duty, plus all the time they have to spend in court, the Judge's time, the DA's time, food, heat, electric and water for time they spent in custody, rent for the cell, rent for the parking space in the impound lot. In order to make sure that they make the payments, they should have their pay garnished so that they take home minimum wage until the debt is paid. Anyone who feels this would be "cruel and unusal punishment" should have a chat with the thousands of people who obey the law, don't endanger others and still live on minimum wage. Can you think of a more appropriate punishment?

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