Where's My Money?

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So... finished the extra-long work week, without going completely insane. That's always a plus. Anyway... I've decided to do a real, honest-to-goodness, up on a soap box, rant today. Aren't you thrilled.
Why does the government make me pay for other people to drive? I pay taxes, a lot of them, so does everyone else. but since I don't drive (my wife's car hasn't moved since thanksgiving) I don't pay as much tax as some people. But I'm sure that more of my taxes go to pay for the upkeep of roads and cleanup of the soot and corrosion from the exhaust of cars and their manufacture than those who drive big, heavy, fuel-inefficent vehicles do to pay for the lake-front bike path and the El. I'm not a person who thinks that cars should be banned or anything. There are professions where a vehicle is a necessity, even a large one. However, insurance salesman is not one of them, neither is soccer mom. Yet most of the really big, really badly designed vehicles are bought by these people. Anyway. You can draw your own conclusions, but I think if the manufacturer of a vehicle classifies it as a truck, it should be classified in all ways as a truck. Special licenses, added taxes and road restrictions should be as enforced on an SUV as they are on a commercial truck. That's all. What would you to aleviate the congestion and pollution?

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