Happy Freakin' Birthday America

Today's Quote: "Those who sacrifice liberty in the name of security deserve neither." Ben Franklin

Happy freakin' Birthday America. Yeah, I got a rant about that. But first...
It's been a busy week. They rewired my apartment, ruining a 27 day uptime for me, but I figure it's worth it since I now have 8 more outlets and switches for all the lights in the apartment, plus the celing fan in the living room is now switched seperately from its light. Sweet... But I might need some dimmer switches cause some of those new lights are bright.
Also, I'm officially working at The Goodman Theatre (recently named by Time Magazine as the Best Regional Theatre in the US) as Crew Cover on Bounce (the new Sondheim musical.) So I trained for followspot on Wednesday. and then ran followspot for the second show. Yipe. Was kind of a sink of swim sort of thing, but I think all things considered, with only 1 show to train, I did okay. Sunday I train on deck crew. Also fun. I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. After Sunday I'm on call so that should be a good time for all.

So anyway, there's a lot of people out there pissing and moaning about our current president. Yeah, he's kind of a putz, but he is doing his job. Seriously, violence is never a good solution to a problem, but sometimes it's the only solution that will work. Yes this country is too dependant on oil in general and foriegn oil in particular, but that's another rant for another day. Basically what I want to say today is this: When you bitch and moan about our leaders and our government, stop and remember that the very fact that you can bitch and moan about our government is part of what makes this country great. The fact that you can not only bitch in your own home safely, or on the streets, but the fact that you can do it in the newspapers and on TV and wherever the hell else you want and the worst thing that's going to happen to you is that someone else will tell you how they feel about you is what makes this country great. Don't like what's going on? Then say so... and remember to say so not only in the bar after a couple drinks, but every time there's an election. Representative democracy only works when the people actually tell their represntatives what they want. So keep raising your voice, and remeber why you can.

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