Faces in the Crowd

So I'm reading Nicole-Bruni.com and she has a link to a Physical Attraction Test and I figure... what the hell... I'll give it a shot.
Surprisingly, it's remarkably good. And fun. You look at different faces and features and such and rate how attractive you find them and then it shows you the face that it thinks you would find most attractive over all. This is what it chose for me:
Yeah, she's cute. but not as good looking at TBWITWW. Now that's one fine woman. Uh-huh.
There were some interesting things that the test said about my choices. While not surprising to me, it was interesting to see how my taste compares with others.

Unique Tastes In Women: You are open to seeing a variety of women as attractive. Sure, women with "movie star" good looks catch your eye, but you are often equally wowed by more normal "cute" women. You are not one to judge people based on their looks. In fact, you're genuinely drawn to women that others might dismiss. Maybe it's because you don't buy into society's checklist for "mainstream" attractiveness. Instead, you notice unique features like a cute nose, beautiful eyes, or a cute butt, that make some women special in your eyes. For you, attraction is about the total package.

True... All true. Turns out according to their little graph thing...my tastes just don't match the mainstream.... well duh!
Anyway... It's a fun little test.

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