Today's Link: Radio Paradise
Current Book: Prey by Michael Crichton
Today's Quote: "Very quickly, all the smoke that had been locked into the transformers at the transformer factory was let out, and since all Electronics require captive smoke to work properly, they no longer functioned very well at all." From the Stagecraft Mailing List

I'm bringing back my link, book and quotes I think. So... my best friend is a pilot. As in he flys an airplane and gets paid for it. How cool is that. Apparently, The Best Wife In The Whole World©'s cousin is going to be taking lessons this summer to get a license as a private pilot. That's exciting. Have you ever flown in a plane with only two seats. It's amazing. I happen to love flying. British Air has good food. Southwest is fun (usually). But little planes are the best. The Best Wife In The Whole World© also want to take flying lessons. I think I'm vastly in favor of that. But we need to save money before then. If you want a classy web-site like this one, and want to help support her dreams of flight, let me know and I can set you up.
Don't know why I felt like talking about flying today, but since it's my page, I can do whatever the hell I want. The happy fun summer schedule starts soon at work. So the usual trade off should go into effect. We either have time or money but never both. Oh well.

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