Road Trip

Holy crap. This was quite the weekend. The Best Wife In The Wole World© and I were going to Minnesota for her cousin's wedding. Friday morning she went to get her Illinois Driver's License and plates. (She didn't get the plates yet, but that's a whole other story, that really isn't all that exciting.) Anyway, then we stopped for an oil change, what with the car being due and an 800 mile trip ahead of us. When we were getting the oil changed, the guy said, "Your engine is leaking gas. You should get that checked right away" So we did. The garage said "Um... your fuel lines need to be replaced, they're dumping gasoline directly onto your exhaust system." So... now we've got $550 worth of car repairs, $100 worth of car rental and all that other good stuff to come up with. Whee. Anyway. The wedding was beautiful there will be pictures soon. All in all (except for Friday) it was a good weekend.

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