Who is John Galt?

Court: No Right to Keep Name From Police

A sharply divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that people who refuse to give their names to police can be arrested, even if they've done nothing wrong.

So, here's a hypothetical question...
What if, as an act of civil disobediance, people, when asked their name, simply lied? If they are not being charged and not giving information regarding a crime, are they under any legal obligation to tell the truth? What if as a group, those inclined to civil disobedience in this matter, chose a name that everyone would use when asked their name? Having just read Atlas Shrugged, John Galt comes to mind. Then perhaps you really would have people in the streets asking "Who is John Galt?"
Would doing this change the matter from a 4th and 5th Amendment issue to a 1st Amendment issue?
So many questions...

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