The Sky is Falling

Japanese Nuclear Leak Kills Five Workers, UK
Four Killed in Nuclear Accident The Age, Australia
Japanese Nuclear Accident Kills at Least Four The Register, UK
Four Dead, Seven Injured in Japanese Nuke Plant Accident The Hindu, India
Nuclear Leak Kills 4 in Japan Moscow Times, Russia
Four Killed in Japan's Worst Nuclear Power Accident, UK

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! We're all going to die!
In a nuclear power plant, there are radioactive mateirials which are insulated, protected, locked down and redundantly saftied. And then there's the other 90% of the plant which is an active industrial facility. This was an industrial accident, not a Nuclear accident, any more than the anti-aircraft guns on a nuclear powered aircraft carrier are Nuclear weapons. If you ever doubt that the media is biased, read the headlines... they are biased towards whatever will sell the most. Sensationalism, attacks on those in office, kissing the ass of those in office, giant headlines with small back page retractions. I'm not saying you can't trust the media... just remember, they're as biased as you are.

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