Confessions of a Cultural Elitist


So our guy lost the election. Why shouldn't those of us on the coasts feel superior? We eat better, travel more, dress better, watch cooler movies, earn better salaries, meet more interesting people, listen to better music and know more about what's going on in the world. If you voted for Bush, we accept that we have to share the country with you. We're adjusting to the possibility that there may be more of you than there are of us. But don't demand our respect. You lost it on November 2.

And this is why your guy lost. You think you're better and you made it very clear that "your guy" was too good for most of us. You tried to win this election on hate and scorn. There are many of us who are well educated who could not vote for Kerry for fear of putting people like this in power.
Your hatred and bigotry rivals that of the most assinine gay-basher. We don't need or want your respect, because what is the value of the respect of a hypocrite? You lost ours before November 2, and that is why you lost on November 2.

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