Wil Wheaton Has A... Brother?

There's been a lot of talk about this next song. Maybe, maybe too much talk. This song is not a rebel song.


My brother just opened up his very first CafePress store! His current design is a parody of the 24Hr Fitness design, called 24Hr Fatness. I have one of his shirts, and let me tell you something, Curly, it gets quite a response from the ladies....

Am I buggin' you? I don't mean to bug ya...

Okay Edge, play the blues...

So I'm not the first to comment on the U2 reference. I've been feeling a need to listen to War all day ever since my brother sent me his pictures of Red Rocks.
Guess it's a Brothers-Reminding-You-Of-U2-Songs kind of day. Time to go throw in Under A Blood Red Sky.

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