Thanksgiving Part II

What am I thankful for... well... pretty much everything.
The obvious: my wife, my parents, my brother, my extended family, my friends, my health.
Nearly as obvious: living in a country where I'm free to disagree with my leaders, my neighbors, my friends; having the money to put good food on my table; having the time and resources to do this nonsense; having more than I need.
Not so obvious: the pain in my life that has made me understand how good I have it, not having as much as I want
and so much more...
Yeah... this doesn't begin to cover it, so I'll pick one specific thing that I never realized was something to be thankful for. My brother is a senior in college. He's got a lot of options open to him in the near future, and he doesn't really know what to do with them. He's made some decisions, but he's also changed a few fairly regularly. I think he's a little scared, a lot curious, and very excited. This is what I'm thankful for. The stage he is at, I was at 5 years ago. Different decisions had been made, and different plans were in the works, but the emotions, and curiousity, and trepidation were all similar. But from 5 years down the road I can look at him and see the strength of character and morals that he has will get him through the biggest transition of his life. He has a strong spirit that he owes almost entirely to two of the hardest-working parents in history. While he questions the structure of their beliefs, he lives by their spirit, and that in itself shows the strength of both him, and them. While he doesn't know where the path he's on is going to take him, he's prepared to head down that path with all his energy. I believe that he will do at least as well as I have, if not better, and I'm very happy with my life as a whole. While there are things I wish were different, there is little I can truly complain about. I'm thankful to see that the lives of those I love have so much potential for greatness. There's nothing more I could ask for in this world.

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