Why President Clinton is a Bad Idea

Not the first one. Not that that was a good idea really. At least GWB told us what he was planning before he got us in a war. No, I'm talking about Hillary. I'm not going to argue a position based on her qualifications, her positions, her claiming to be a Cubs fan but running for office in New York (seriously, if you're going to be senator of somewhere you don't live, at least have some loyalty to your baseball team). My position is simply this. She's female.

Oh my god! He's a misogynist bastard!

No, I'm simply aware that the biggest international issues facing this country right now are primarily centered around parts of the world that haven't bothered to notice that the last few hundred years have happened. The ruling bodies of not only our "enemies" but our "allies" run countries where women aren't even allowed to drive. There is no way on earth that they're suddenly going to accept mandates from a woman, or from a country "so weak" that they "allow" a woman to rule them.

Yes, it's wrong, and it's stupid, and most of the world (I'd be willing to say most of the population of even the countries I'm referring to) would, at worst, not care, and at most applaud the change. We're not getting out of the Middle East before the next president takes office. They're going to be inheriting a mess, and an already-in-progress war. If the next president is female, she's going to have to be a war president.

Ignoring the reality of the response of the extremists to our actions is what's gotten us where we are now. We can't afford to continue to do so.

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