Keystone XL

Just a thought: Obama showed weakness in this decision. The State Department said they needed six months to properly analyse the information regarding the Keystone SL Pipeline. When Congress passed a law requiring that the Executive Branch make a decision in sixty days, I feel that the proper response was not to wait the 60 days and then reject the pipeline. The best response from Obama would have been, the day the law was passed, to say "We said we needed time to do this right, we've been denied that time, so we're not going to waste time and taxpayer dollars on something that can't be done right. The answer is no. Now, those of you who voted on this stupid deadline, you go tell your constituents why you killed this project." If congress is going to act like children, treat them that way. When my son demands something "NOW!" it instantly goes from "we'll see" to "no". It's an election year. If you're president, with a hostile congress, you know they're going to try to draw you into games to make you look bad. Your only position of strength is to refuse to play.

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