What I Brought To Work

So, I realize that I'm a cross between a pack-rat and a turtle. I not only have to hang on to more crap than is reasonable, but I have to carry large quantities of that crap with me at all times. So, Here's a complete inventory of everything I brought to work today, that I wasn't born with:

Boots, socks, pants, underwear, shirt, wedding ring, earring, pocket watch, silicone Aiden Thomas bracelet, cell phone, small notebook, pocket knife, pen, keychain with 7 keys, a bolt with nut and 2 washers, a small multi-tool, a flash drive, cigarette case (serving as a wallet), photo of Nicole and Aiden, Drivers License, Work access card, CTA Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, Library Card, Medical Insurance Card, Dental Insurance Card, Camera bag, Camera, lens, lens cap, memory card holder, 4 memory cards, camera strap, usb cable, hair tie, Backpack, mini sharpie, 2 flashlights, pen, Cubs "Believe" bracelet, LiveStrong bracelet, 2 United Way pins, Peace Sign Button, Nixon Now button, Cat collar, Toothpaste, deodorant, microSD adapter and case, cell phone headset, CD player, headphones, Metra Northwest Line schedule, notebook, sharpie, open enrollment paperwork, budget paperwork, GPS, WD-40 pen, Altoids tin, Pepto tablets, Dayquil, 6" C-Wrench, flower from Dad's wedding, Collapsable Guinness frisbee, 4 AA batteries, 13 CD's, 2 hardback books, 2 lbs. baby carrots, 2 frozen burritos, lunch bag, one item of mail to send, and 1 item of paperwork to fax.

Oh, and this isn't what I'd consider a day that I'm carrying that much stuff. I don't have the laptop, and it's not library day. So, what do you carry around with you?

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