Stupid people feel better this way.

Well... it appears that once again, people have a need to feel smarter than their leaders and will grab anything to accomplish that.
Under the "Most E-Mailed Stories" on Yahoo, I found the following:
Bush trips over Abu Ghraib pronunciation
The article includes the sentence: "The prison... has a name that English speakers usually pronounce as 'abu-grabe'." In other words, although there is no agreed pronunciation for the name of the prison, and it's not in a language that Bush (or most other Americans, or most other people in general) speak. It's considered to be so important that people are e-mailing to their friends all over the place.
What the hell?
Bush has done some truly stupid things. This is so close to the bottom of the list, that it's hardly worth noticing. This goes right up there with the Dan Quayle "POTATOE" scandal. If the worse thing you can say about GWB is that he has trouble pronouncing other languages, you clearly aren't paying attention to the world. And if you think that sending an e-mail to your friends about it is in any way helpful to your cause, whatever that may be, you're being stupid.
Seriously. If you have an opinion about GWB (which you most likely do if you think this article is important enough to bring to other people's attention) then why don't you take the time you spent e-mailing your friends and instead e-mail your congressional representatives? Or maybe actually write a letter? Or maybe, just maybe get over yourself and go out and actually do something to make the world a better place. You can't stop the war. But maybe you can volunteer for an after-school program so that the next generation will be a little smarter than the people we get to choose from now as our leaders.

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