Vote Evans

So, my brother occasionally makes noises about what a freakin' awesome president he'd be. He's wrong, of course. But since I enjoy arguing with people, I'm picking a fight with him right now.

What my brother, and from my point of view the major political parties but especially the Democrats, seem to forget is that, in this country, the people have the final say. All of them. Not just the intellectual elite who live in New York and LA. Not just the ones with money. Not just the ones who agree with what you say. Especially not just them. So, if he wants to earn my vote, he's going to have to convince me that even if we disagree on something, he's at least seeing my side of the issue.

So, I'm proposing a series of debates. I'll post a topic, he'll give his opinion, I'll rebut, he'll respond, I'll respond back. Then I'll let him pick the next topic. We'll see how long it lasts. The first topic is Gun Control. You've got till Tuesday.

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