The New Car

We are now the owners of a 2007 Hyundai Sonata, and once again, our net-worth is in the red. The soon-to-be-father and husband of a woman who drives 50miles round trip every day through the heart of Chicago is thrilled that we have a car that is reliable, more fuel efficient, more comfortable and has 6 air bags and car seat anchors. The newly-financially-responsible part of me is annoyed that we weren't able to wait until we could pay without having to get financing, and is distressed that we couldn't get a better rate. (Chase, the bank we've used for 5 years as a couple and I've used for nearly 10 years, wouldn't approve us at all.) The still-thinks-he's-19 part of me is thrilled to have a dark red sedan that drives like a sports car again. (And this one has a sunroof!). The obsessive-nerd part of me had already created a spreadsheet to track fuel economy, TCO, and maintnence schedules. So, it's exciting and scary at the same time. I guess it's a warm up for the baby's arrival.

The process of getting this thing would've driven a lesser woman to a clock-tower shooting spree. The original plan was that my MIL would arrive Friday afternoon for the baby shower. TBWITWW would pick her up and they would drive to the car dealership, finish the paperwork and bring the new car home Friday evening. Thanks to the lovely weather, the MIL never got out of South Carolina on Friday. Also, CarMax determined that the windshield washer fluid sprayers weren't up to snuff, and needed to be replaced, so we'd have to wait until Monday to get the car. The revised plan became that when the MIL got into town, they'd go fill out paperwork (MIL was on the title for the old car), and TBWITWW would return to accept delivery of the car on Monday. When they arrived at CarMax, they found out that the parts had come in early, so they could take the car home that day. 8,000,000 bits of paperwork and 5 hours later, they were done and able to bring the car home. The next time we buy a car, I think we'll try not to have to have an 8 mo. pregnant woman and her lives-in-another-state mother involved!. (I was at work through most of this.)

(In case you were wondering it's the uses-too-damn-much-punctuation part of me that wrote this post.)

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