June Finance Recap

June was a fairly relaxed month in the finance realm, with one exception. I didn't pay enough attention during the middle of the month, when everything that is going out, goes out. Ended up having to make a transfer from savings. That was heartbreaking, as we haven't had to do that in months. However I was able to put it back fairly quickly. We had to make some minor car repairs, as well as renew the City Parking Sticker, so expenses there were up. We also had to take one of the cats in for regular check ups, so we didn't have as much extra as we would have liked at the end of the month. All in all we didn't make much progress, but we also didn't slide back any, so I'm satisfied.

Next month, we will (hopefully) have all our Credit Cards paid off. (We may use one to rent a car for our trip to Oregon.) We will hopefully see our net worth cross the $0 line next month, or the month after. We're very excited.

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