January Accountability Project

Major Project for January
My Goal for January is to organize my office. This consists of:

This works out to a project a week. I'll post my methods and progress as I go. I'll also post before and after photos.

My minor goal for January is to track my discresionary spending. Over the last year we've gotten very good about keeping track of our finances, but now that we're tracking them well, we want to start shifting more of the money to savings and paying down debt. To accomplish this, we're going to track our cash usage in more detail to figure out where we can cut back (Starbuck's and McDonald's are both on that list.)

My Charity for this month is The Arthritis Foundation. How this works is, that at the end of the month, if I've reached my goal, I will donate $10 to this charity. If I fail to meet my goal, I donate that $10 to a charity of your chosing. Post your choices in comments. (Note: I will not donate to groups I find morally repugnant, but ones I disagree with for political or personal reasons are fair game. That's why I'm letting you chose.)

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