Ten Things

I'm starting a new accountability project this year and I need your help. Accountability is useless if no one is holding you to it. So I need feedback, reminders, harassment or whatever to help keep me on track.

Here's how it works.
I have a list of Ten Things that I need to do each day. They are divided up into categories. Cleaning, Household, Accountability, Health, Personal, and Professional. Then there is a category that will be assigned by TBWITWW. Each of these 7 categories will be ongoing daily tasks. They'll last a minimum of a week and the goal is 28 consecutive days. If I've completed the task 28 consecutive days, I have to replace it with a new task while continuing the (now, theoretically habitual) old task. The final 3 task will be assigned per-day. They will be one-off tasks picked the night before.

So, each day should get a score out of 10 and each day I'll post the score to Twitter (and Facebook). If you don't see a post, let me know.

Additionally, the "Accountability" category requires public participation as well. So, for my first "accountability" task, I'm tweeting any discretionary purchase. Which means if I spend money on anything other than a fixed, recurring bill, I post it for the world to see. The idea is that this will not only hold me accountable, but help me resist impulse purchses. ("Do I really want the world to know I'm going to McDonald's again?")

So... keep me honest and on track. Please? And if you want to join in, let me know and I'll do my best to help keep you honest too.

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