Reflections on Aiden's Web Presense.

I've updated Aiden's site to run Habari. Due to the infrequency that I checked the site, it was becoming a spam target. I also wasn't keeping the software updated which meant that the spam wasn't confined to the comments where it could easily be filtered out. I also put his pictures up on flickr rather than continuing to maintain yet another piece of software for them.

Looking through the pictures and reading the site brings back to the surface the pain and heartache of it all. I miss him, but I know in a little while his energetic little brother will come through the door shouting "Dadeee" and wanting to feed the cats and listing to his musica. Life is rough sometimes, but it could be so much worse.

Friends of mine also just had their first assignment through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. I'm proud of them for sharing their skills with people in the darkest moments of their lives.

Even though he's been gone for 5 years, the wounds are still fresh and the love is still strong. I miss you my son.

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