Dear 2010

I think the general consensus from most people I know is that 2009 gets, at best, a C-. I'd like officially declare 2009 The Vegas Year. What happened in 2009 can stay in 2009. Except there were a couple of pretty awesome babies.

Looking forward all that I can see
Is good things happening to you and to me
I'm not waiting for times to change
I'm going to live like a free-roamin' soul
On the highway of our love


Despite the fact that 2009 was not a banner year by any stretch, I'm ending it on a hopeful note. Not a "Okay, this year sucked so I'm going to will myself to believe that 2010 will be better despite actually believing that it will continue to suck.", but an honest "I think there's some non-train light at the end of this tunnel."

So, Happy New Year to all of you, and may 2010 be the year you're hoping for.

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