September Finance Recap

September was great. Although we didn't increase our savings, we were able to buy a new laptop and take a vacation, all without incurring more debt. And, we were able to up the savings for October. In general, our expenses were down a little with the exception of the vacation and computer expenses that were planned. Also, our net worth is finally showing as positive. We now have less debt than we have savings (granted, most of that savings is in our 401k's). We're looking forward. You'll notice that the sidebar graph is now showing new goals as the Emergency Fund goal is now funded, as is the vacation fund (for next year!). Christmas is next on the list. Then a headstone for Aiden. Hopefully those will both be done before the end of the year. Then we'll be able to move on to the bigger goals (Roth IRA and down payment for a house!)

Needless to say, we're pretty darn happy.

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