Thunderbolt and Lighting, Very Very Frightening

Looks like the emergency fund may come in handy in the very near future. Last night, the apartment was seemingly hit by lighting and my abundance of electronics has suffered. By my first check, we lost the living room TV, the bedroom Tivo, both wireless routers, the network switch, and the DVD recorder. I'll also need to replace all the surge protectors, and put some sort of surge protection on the network and the cable (I think that's where the spike came in.) The landlord will probably have to replace the stove, and the cable modem may or may not be dead. Whee!

The people in the downstairs apartment said they lost their cable boxes and cable modem.

Although the renter's insurance is supposed to cover replacement value, I recall from when my bike was stolen, you don't get to just give them a list and the cut you a check minus the deductable, but they cut you a check for the current value minus deductable and then you have to submit reciepts to get the rest of the money back. Bleah.

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