Bling Kitty

No, they're not jewel encrusted, but for the money we spend on them they ought to be. Today we took both cats to the vet for checkups. Chubby was in for shots, and Iccarus was in for a 6-month senior exam. Chubby, as usual, was friendly and docile. And Iccarus, as usual, was a nervous wreck. He hisses and scratches and growls and yelps and craps. Yes, he craps on things when he's freaked out. So, they both needed bloodwork, and Iccarus ended up needing light sedation. Altogether, we spent almost $500 at the vet. Part of this was because we had them do baseline blood testing, which doesn't need to be repeated for a few years. We have the money available, so we figured, lets get it all done in one swell foop.

Expensive, but they're still worth it. We love the little bastards.

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