Lost In Translation

TBWITWW rented Lost in Translation last night. Wow. I was very dissapointed. It was like watching someone else's real life. As we all know, real life just isn't that exciting most of the time. You spend a lot of time sitting around doing things that are of no interest whatsoever to people outside of your life. This movie captured that perfectly. The characters were realistic and believable, but in the hour and a half of the movie there were about 5 minutes that were interesting enough to make me feel like it was worth giving up part of my life to watch theirs. The actors played their parts with sincerity and honesty, and with a more interesting movie, they would have been amazing.
In all honesty I hoped for so much more, something to make me think a lot more than I did, something that would bring a smile to my face perhaps, but in the end, I was left unfulfilled.
If you're thinking of renting Lost in Translation, do yourself a favor and rent Punch-Drunk Love instead.
3 of 10.

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