Wristband III

I got a ticket (count 'em ONE) for the Cubs vs. Sox on July 4th. Which is pretty sweet, but presents a quandry. Since TBWITWW works 2 jobs and thereby gets only Major Holidays off from both, it would be tasteless for me to ditch her for a baseball game. So I've got to figure out what to do about this, I figure I've got 3 options:

  1. Be an ass and go to the game anyway.
  2. Sell the ticket and make another fan happy, but not get to see the Southsiders get the spanking they deserve
  3. Try to trade the ticket for the 2nd or 3rd
  4. Get lucky and get a 2nd Ticket

Number 1 is not good for my health, 2 too is probably the most likely and 4 is the best to hope for.

Hmmm... Don't know what to do here... Suggestions?

I had to go back and insert this one because for some reason it didn't post the first time. Oh well.

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