Post Season

Now who do I root for? Growing up in central Illinois, the big rivalry was always Cubs/Cardinals. My mother's family, being from Chicago, was firmly in the Cubs camp. Being a Cubs fan teaches you many valuable lessons about life, but that's a topic for another post.
But, there's a part of me that has trouble pulling for those DH using sissies in the American League. I mean seriously... what is this? Football? The pitcher's a player, he should bat. But anyway, I think a lot of us Cubs fans have a soft spot in their hearts for the Red Sox. We've both got a "curse" we've both got a huge cross-town rival. And the loyalty and hope of both sets of fans is almost mythical. Also there's the issue that despite the fact that TBWITWW doesn't really understand... I just can't root for the Cardinals. I'd rather root for the White Sox. I almost rather root for the Yankees. (Almost.)
But the part of me that secretly believes in curses, and secretly believes they can be broken, wants to see the Red Sox win. I still believe that the Cardinals worked hard and deserve much success. I still believe that if the divisions were set up so it was possible, the Cubs, Astros and Cardinals would have all won divisions. I still believe that we play in the hardest division in Baseball. I still believe that Pitchers should have to hit. And I still believe the Cubs will go to the Series next year. But in the mean-time. I'll say words that under ordinary situations would never cross my lips.
Go Sox!

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