Babe Ruth vs. The Goat

The other "curse" is broken. Next year it's our turn. All we need is a bull-pen that can close a game and an offense that plays like it wants to be in the Series. Or maybe the Bambino needs to go kick the crap out of that damn goat. Seriously. You would think the players would stop and think for a minute that they make more for a single game than many of their fans make in a year. How many people out there scrimp and save to bring their family to one game a year and watch guys, who wouldn't notice losing that family's entire yearly income, play a kid's game. Any player who doesn't go out there and give everything they've got shouldn't be out there at all. They should be working at McDonald's. When I watched Boston (and St. Louis) play, they played every play like it really mattered. That's what we need. Hopefully next year we'll see it happen.

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