Two Years Later



What were you doing exactly two years ago?
Were you staring at the television in horror? Were you crying? Were you trying to call someone you love? Were you wondering what next? Were you angry? scared? offended?
How do you feel now? Do you still look up when an airplane flies over? Do you look at people with "arabic" features differently? How often do you call that person you called 2 years ago? Are you still angry? scared? offended?
Did you stop at starbucks on your drive to work this morning? Do you have a faded plastic flag on your car? A yellowed flag from the newspaper in your window? Do you read the articles about the people who die every day from terrorism, gangs, drunk driving, neglect and realize that they are all the same kind of people? Why not?

I hate: People who buy a vehicle that gets 15 mpg, but get mad when taxes go up to pay for schools.
I love: People who volunteer at schools where they don't have children.
I wonder: How many people think about how hard it is to teach?
I hate: People who put up a flag on September 12, 2001 and left it there night and day, rain and shine, without looking at it, and treating it with respect.
I love: People who get up and put up a flag every day, or even every holiday, and did that even before 9-11.
I wonder: How many people think about what our flag stands for?
I hate: People who believe that war is the best way to solve a problem.
I love: People who believe that violence is always bad, but it's not always the worst option.
I wonder: How many people think about how many people they know who have been directly affected by war?
I hate: People who believe a "No War" or "Peace" sign in their front window will change something.
I love: People who put up their "No War" sign after writing to their congressmen.
I wonder: How many people know who their congressmen are?
I hate: People who believe that {Republican/Democrat/Black/White/Arabic/Vegetarian/Meat-Eater/Any other damn thing} = BAD!
I love: People who understand that it is people who are bad or good. But no-one is completely one or the other.
I wonder: How many people don't realize that no matter how hard they try not to, they will always pass judgements on others with not enough information. The trick is remembering to be willing to adjust that judgement.
I hate: Anyone who believes that anyone should "Keep their opinions to themselves" or "Just get out of the US" I love: People who defend people they disagree with.
I wonder: How many people realize that the opinion isn't what makes a person American or Un-American, but merely the right to voice an opinion.

There's a lot to hate in this world, but there's more (much more) to love, to cherish and to defend. Whether you believe the best way to defend it is in a uniform, or on a picket line, quietly or loudly; doesn't matter, just that you believe.
We still need to donate blood, call the people we love, comfort those who hurt, tell the people that defend us (whether from fire, crime, or war) that we respect them and are greatful to them, and live our lives with the simple goal of leaving the world better than we found it and not causing any harm we can avoid.


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