The early days.

It's been said that everyone rises to their own level of incompetence. You may ask "what the hell is that supposed to mean?" Well, basically... as long as you can actually do your job, you keep getting promoted. Once you get promoted into a job you can't do, you stop getting promoted. So there you are sitting in a job you can't do, and no one will move you back down to the job you could do, because that would mean those who are higher up than you would have to admit that they were wrong. and we can't have that, now can we.
Now... to an extent this is true... with the exception of the fact that all of those people above you are probably incompetent for their jobs too, so they probably don't recognize the difference between ability and incompetence. So the structure becomes more and more top heavy with incompetents. And that's why life's a bitch. Whatever... I guess that's why hard work has to be it's own reward, because God knows... that's about the only reward you're getting.

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